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About us

Some few years ago, a group of enthusiastic linguists came together to be offering translation services together, and year in year out our skills and knowledge began to expand such that we even participated in various local and international projects. Later in 2010, we decided to formalize our translation business by incorporating it and obtaining the necessary documents. At the start, the business could only boast of 5 professional linguists, but the story has changed for good now that our business has grown to become one of the leading translation companies in the world, not that alone, we now have a wide pool of outsourced language specialists in the different parts of the world. Our mission is to deliver quality and excellent translation service to our customers regularly, and we will never stop doing so.

The CSA Research Inc conducted series of multilingual surveys, and it was discovered that a significant number of companies prefer to outsource their translation and localization projects rather than setting up a translation department within their enterprise because it is considered reasonable and cost-effective. When a company partners with a qualified translation service provider, they are guaranteed top-notch customer service that will enable them to focus on their daily business activities. Therefore, we are eager to be part of your success story!

What You Can Expect from us

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    We are dedicated to giving our customers the best, and this is the sole reason why we hire only genuine language specialists to handle every project assigned to us.

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    Thanks to our personalized approach to each client, we’ve been able to build and maintain long-lasting business relationships. This specific approach also enabled us to deliver excellent and superior service within the areas of our competence.

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    We are highly committed to the quality of service, and that’s why we have a multi-step project quality management system (QMS) that ensures superior quality of service.

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    We care so much about time. We deliver according to the agreed timeframe that brings us together with other companies in our segment. Our distinguishing feature is that we try to deliver prior to the agreed deadlines, thus providing URGENT LANGUAGE SOLUTIONS.


  • We have been impressed with your quality of translation, level of customer support and speed of delivery. We are satisfied and hope to work with you again whenever needed.

    Dan Kinsey
    Project Manager, CB&I

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