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About us

A team of enthusiastic linguists started to work in translation business long before incorporation of a company. As the years were passing by we acquired good practical skills and knowledge participating in various local and foreign projects. In 2010 we decided to incorporate a small translation agency that initially was composed of 5 professional linguists. Nowadays, we a constantly growing business with a wide pool of outsourced language specialists in numerous areas. We built our philosophy on the commitment to quality and excellent service to customers.

As multilingual surveys by CSA Research Inc. show a growing number of companies find it more reasonable and economically wise to outsource their translation and localization projects rather than set up a translation department within their structure. Partnering with a qualified service provider in translation business, they expect excellent customer service that can allow them to focus on their core business. Therefore, we would value the opportunity to be part of your success!

What You Can Expect from us

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    Our strategy is built around the core principle of expertise in everything we do. That is why for each assignment we employ language specialists who are true expects in their areas of knowledge.

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    Our personalized attitude to each customer became a hallmark of our company that allows us to build strong, long-lasting business relationship and deliver unrivalled and superior service within the areas of our competence. It is pleasure for us to see our customers satisfied when our work is well done.

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    Commitment to quality of service is another inseparable part of our philosophy. Our multi-step project quality management system (QMS) allows us to ensure superior quality of service.

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    Professional translation services imply accuracy, quality assurance and adherence to deadlines. We endeavor to maintain these standards while providing value for money as we believe these keystones should never be ignored in language support business.


  • We have been impressed with your quality of translation, level of customer support and speed of delivery. We are satisfied and hope to work with you again whenever needed.

    Dan Kinsey
    Project Manager, CB&I

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