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Pros & cons of computer aided translation (CAT)

CAT technology (computer-aided translation) appeared not long ago but has already become indispensable ...


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CAT technology (computer-aided translation) appeared not long ago but has already become indispensable for the translator's work. Computer-Aided Translation represents basically the translation of the text on the computer with the use of specialized computer technology specifically developed to facilitate and improve the translation process. This technology is based on the use of translation memories and on the generation of glossaries thus allowing the distribution of work among several translators, obtaining homogeneous, specific and quality controlled documentation in several languages.

The main difference from the machine translation (MT) is that the entire translation process is carried out by a person; the software is only used to systematize and arrange the material thus saving precious time for the translator. The software initially examines the original document and then renders structures from the original by means of the target language.

This technology is rather costly and mostly used by professional translation companies. The most common CAT systems include: translation memory systems, glossaries, grammar check and terminology consistency tools, etc. The most used and known systems of computer-aided translation today are Wordfast, Trados, Star Transit and Deja Vu.

CAT technology is particularly relevant when dealing with large projects and tasks since it helps the translator ensure conformity of text, save the style and quality of translation. CAT tools significantly improve efficiency and productivity of a translator since there is no need to translate previously translated and archived in the database fragments of the text. The relevance of this technology is revealed when your project is continually updated and the translation is required within short deadline, then CAT tools allow quick search of recently changed parts of the text.

However, this technology has a reverse side of the coin. Therefore, it is very important for the Client to make a conscious and weighty decision when ordering CAT service since however sophisticated and trusted CAT technology you exploit it can not guarantee 100% quality of the translation. Some translators prefer not to use CAT technology for small texts as the output must be still edited by a human to correct errors and improve phrasing and translation industry is built around the concept of constant reduction in lead times.

All the transactions made with the help of CAT technology in our company are subject to revision by qualified and skilled editors that helps minimize the possibility of inaccuracy and incorrect information in the document of translation. At Language Solutions plc., we constantly work to offer our Clients efficient and reliable computer aided translation technology (CAT tools).

If you need to translate a large project in a short period of time or update the document with account to the modified part of the text, you do not have to pay twice for the translation. Let our specialists ensure the due quality, adherence to tight deadlines and standards of translation!


High speed of translation
Possibility to work with large projects
Conformity of terminology
Ability to work with different file formats
Joint work of translation team over the Internet
Ability to create a single translation memory and glossaries


Inability to avoid inaccuracies in translation
Inability to ensure 100% quality of the translation of large volumes of documentation
Risk of inaccurate translation equivalents
Possibility of incorrect document rendition


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