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Translation, interpreting and DTP became the most demanded services these days, especially in view of globalization, internationalization and penetration of international business to local markets. Communication skills break and erase the cross-cultural barriers facilitating business interaction by converting one language into another. During the years of practical work we became convinced that it is not enough only to translate the material verbally or in writing from one language to another, the other even more important thing is to convey accurately the content, stylistics, vocabulary of the document or message, retain customer's attention and arouse interest to the subject matter of discussion among the speakers.

Every country has its own culture, customs and language dialects. When translating from one language into another, it is necessary to understand the local traditions and customs. Applying literal translation, you might translate documents quickly, but it may also send the wrong message to the target audience. When translating, an important thing to consider is that you are translating not just words but the content and concepts. Translating involves more than replacing a word with its equivalent in another language; sentences and ideas must be manipulated to flow with the same coherence as those in the source document so that the translation reads as though it originated in the target language.

It is a rather challenging task! A lot of foreign nationals can speak several languages. At the same time, they cannot become fully professional and competent due to the lack of knowledge, understanding of the specific industry and knowledge of linguistic techniques of analysis and representation of original materials. There's a number of other competences that help distinguish a true linguist from a language enthusiast.

In our business we pay great attention to equip each customer with turn-key solutions that best suit his needs. Our flexible and customized approach shall save the effort of your personnel worrying about non-translated materials or inadequately delivered message. With one point of contact but with a pool of in-country professionals and local experts based globally we can assist you at short notice.



  • We have been impressed with your quality of translation, level of customer support and speed of delivery. We are satisfied and hope to work with you again whenever needed.

    Dan Kinsey
    Project Manager, CB&I

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