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Although our company is solely established for delivering quality translation services, our primary goal is to become a partner that can be relied on and trusted for international business. In pursuit of this, we provide an array of additional services that will help our customers in facilitating their core business functioning and avoiding the distraction of their personnel for lengthy and complicated operations.


Effective project management revolves around sophisticated and detailed project pre-planning, task outsourcing, customer liaison, and project coordination. With our team of competent project managers, you have nothing to worry about because they will scrutinize and evaluate your project thoroughly so as to reveal its strengths and weaknesses to offer solutions on optimization and reinforcement and ensure there are clear and unraveled communication channels between the parties involved in the project in order to ensure it is well executed.


Whenever we are producing company’s leaflets, catalogs, guides, and other publications, we always make use of specialized graphical software that allows us to process images, logotypes, photos, and audio files to create a plausible international projection of a brand. Often, the translated material may require localization to comply with the norms and standards of the target language and ensure that the message is accurately communicated to the target audience. This process may require localization of graphics, layout, and fonts for which we hire qualified graphic designers and web developers.


The process involved in validating a document for submission to the local authorities or other institutions abroad is referred to as “legalization” or “authentication.” Authentication is required to remove the burden on foreign courts and authorities in proving the genuineness of documents originating outside of their country that are required to be duly prepared for submission to the relevant authorities overseas. This procedure is required for submitting immigration documents, registering of marriages, an opening of foreign bank accounts, incorporating a company or a representative office, acquiring property, and lots more. This process includes services of Apostille, Consular Legalization, Certification and Notarization.


When it comes to preparing advertising materials for your website, it is imperative you employ certain translation techniques and methods of communication to convey your message, with the sole aim of gaining attention, retaining the focus on the audience, and giving your company’s brand a positive impression before the populace. Achieving this objective would be impossible if you don’t first convey the philosophy and values of the brand as well as the positive qualities of the product in translation in a clear, emotional, and concise manner. Our competitive advantage lies in the fact that we acclimatize ourselves with the linguistics and peculiarities of the country you intend advertising to, making your advertising campaign the most successful ever.


Our services are not limited to translation and proofreading of documents; we also offer additional proofreading service by native-speaking industry specialists. Provided the project is not time-constrained; our customers may request additional proofreading and revision by industry related specialists (engineers, consultants and the likes). This service demands a complete revision of already translated text by relevant specialists, and they must pay special attention to the structure and style to ensure that it conforms to the original. With the synergistic cooperation with professional editors and web designers, we can create fully adapted product materials for your business.


The success of any event is a direct function of the adequacy of management, coordination, and interaction of the parties involved at all stages of the process. You need to plan ahead, outsource task where necessary, coordinate and liaise with parties involved. While you prepare for the event, there are some organizational procedures you need to perform which include renting a conference hall, finding equipment for simultaneous translation, providing technical support and coordinating the process. Our company is filled with a team of competent project managers who will thoroughly examine your desired project and offer reliable solutions on how the project can be optimized and executed.

 In case you need our special services tailored around your business, feel free to contact us today, and we guarantee you of an optimal solution.


  • We have been impressed with your quality of translation, level of customer support and speed of delivery. We are satisfied and hope to work with you again whenever needed.

    Dan Kinsey
    Project Manager, CB&I

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