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Additional services

Thought the company was originally created for rendering professional translation services, we intend to become a reliable and trusted partner for international business. Therefore, we provide a number of additional services for our customers to facilitate and ease their core business functioning and avoid distraction of their personnel for lengthy and complicated operations.


Successful implementation of the project requires competent management, coordination and interaction of the parties at all stages of the project, regardless of its complexity and scope of work. Effective project management is based on sophisticated and detailed project pre-planning, task outsourcing, customer liaison and project coordination. Our team of competent project managers shall thoroughly study your project to reveal its strengths and weaknesses to offer solutions on optimization and reinforcement and ensure clear communication channels between the members of the project to efficiently monitor its execution.


When producing company leaflets, catalogues, guides and other publications we are using specialized graphical software that allows us to process images, logotypes, photos and audio files to create plausible international projection of a brand. In most cases the translated material requires localization to comply with the norms and standards of the target language aimed at communicating the message to the target audience as effectively as possible. This process may also require localization of graphics, layout and fonts. To ensure perfect results and fully integrated solutions we employ professional graphic designers and web developers.


In some cases translated materials should be duly prepared for submission to the relevant authorities abroad. The procedure of legal validation of a document for its submission to the local authorities or other institutions abroad is called legalization or authentication. Authentication is required to remove the burden on foreign courts and authorities in proving the genuineness of documents originating outside of their country. This procedure is required for submission of immigration documents, registration of marriage, opening of foreign bank accounts, incorporation of a company or a representative office, acquisition of property, etc. This process includes services of Apostille, Consular Legalization, Certification and Notarization


When holding conferences, round tables, meetings, you often have to ensure the availability of simultaneous translation equipment (headphones, microphones, booths). Thanks to a close partnership with a number of specialized companies that provide a full cycle of audio-video editing and support, we will be able to guarantee that your event will be held at a high level. During the event, our technical specialist who is responsible for the simultaneous translation equipment performance and coordination shall stay in touch with the event organizers.


During big events or long-lasting negotiations a lot of information can be produced by narrators. Sometimes it is very important to focus reader’s attention on the pivotal elements and single out the essence of the speech in a condensed form. We shall retain the central arguments, opinions and facts, but render them in a concise form for better perception and instant accessibility. Prior to the event our employees will gather basic information about the upcoming meeting to better understand the scope of covered issues. After the event we shall process the output in our lab and produce a summary report of all issues of concern raised during the event.


The success of negotiations depends on a number of organizational procedures, such as renting of premises, searching for synchronous translation equipment, installing audio-visual equipment, searching for a qualified interpreter/group of linguists with translation background and experience in the customer’s business, coordinating and moderating the negotiation process and timing. Our project managers will help with the organization of each of the above stages. We will analyze the tasks faced by the organizer of the event and suggest possible ways to optimize both the customer’s expenses and ways the work shall be organized.

 If you are in need of any special and tailored solution for your business, do not hesitate to contact us and we shall be pleased to assist you and come up with a solution for you.


  • We have been impressed with your quality of translation, level of customer support and speed of delivery. We are satisfied and hope to work with you again whenever needed.

    Dan Kinsey
    Project Manager, CB&I

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