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Technical translation is probably the most difficult type of translation since it has its own specific features in style, grammar and vocabulary which are not easily translated by every translator, especially non-qualified. Knowledge of industry standards and relevant terminology plays a crucial role in translating technical documents. Technical translation can only be done by competent professionals with the relevant skills and knowledge of the technological process and extensive practical experience in translating highly specific technical materials of different nature and complexity.


With the history of more than 10 successfully executed local Oil&Gas projects we gained significant experience in this type of translation. This translation belongs to the subcategory of technical translation and demands precision and clarity of the material presentation as the technological process allows no looseness and ambiguity. This translation becomes especially vital for process engineering when there is a need for correct understanding of subtleties of the process, nuances of installation and commissioning of expensive equipment.


As part of our expertise we’re rendering high quality professional translation services in financial and banking sectors for banks, investment companies and other financial institutions. Providing constant support to 8+ financial and accounting companies, we gained extensive practical experience in this area. For the accuracy and compliance with the International Financial Reporting Standards this type of translation requires high precision, focus and expertise as well as knowledge of country-specific business practices and regulations.


Our longstanding practice showed that the most difficult texts for translation have clear-cut features of the legal framework (administrative structure, family and procedural law). Every legal term represents a reality of another legal system that can find a complete or partial reflection in the legal system of the target language. This translation allows no errors or mistakes, looseness or ambiguity. Inaccurate rendering could lead to very serious and unpleasant consequences and wrong understanding of a document. In the extreme case wrong legal translation can result in fatal errors of law enforcement or even imprisonment.


Usually this type of translation is required when a company operates or enters the foreign market and starts building close cooperation ties with local businesses and governmental authorities. Business translation involves translation of organizational, economic and financial documents supporting business operations on local markets. Our expertise spreads to the translation of official documentation, agreements and contractual paperwork for foreign businesses.


The translation of marketing and advertising materials is critical for any international business because it will affect the way consumers perceive their company brand and products. In most cases it is almost impossible to translate marketing materials directly word by word. This may result in a complete re-writing of the original marketing text for the reasons of better perception of brand by targeted audience. Our additional service of Copywriting (writing selling texts and presentation materials) will be here to help you. At this point it becomes important to get the right tone and style to deliver accurately the philosophy and brand values in translation.


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