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Consecutive interpreting is a solution for business negotiations or conferences usually with a limited number of participants when the interpreter delivers the message after the speaker has stopped talking. This type of interpreting is widely used in business negotiations and product presentations when parties exchange opinions and communicate a lot.


As the name suggests, this type of interpreting must take place simultaneously with the process of speech of the speaker. This implies that the speaker never stops for a moment to allow the interpreter to render the original speech. It demands a lot of concentration and focus from the interpreter. This type of interpreting is mainly used during the official high-level events with lots of participants (conferences, workshops, roundtables) when the interpreter can translate from a booth.


In addition to Consecutive and Simultaneous Interpreting there is another convenient and easy way to reach the target audience – over the phone. The so-called Telephone Interpreting or video conferencing is a fast growing service as it allows reduce the high costs of On-Site Interpreting as there is no need for physical presence of the interpreter. It is usually requested when the interpreter is needed for a short period of time to communicate with partners by telephone, during audio conferences, at public events and sessions.


Another highly demanded interpreting service for individuals and delegations is event interpreting. Our professional linguists with relevant experience and educational background can help you in all situations from meeting at the airport, assisting in making hotel reservations, arranging and accompanying at events, helping at meetings and interviews, organizing and holding negotiations, etc.


On-site Interpreting is a special kind of interpreting on the operational site when an interpreter is dispatched to a construction site to interpret face-to-face for a customer, usually an LEP (with limited English proficiency) or a delegation at site. It is especially important when interpreting is made for a group of engineers who are directly involved in installation and commissioning of sophisticated equipment and need very accurate understanding of source material with the possibility of visualization and real-time demonstration.


Before dispatching our interpreters to factories we assess every assignment with our industry consultants to prepare the appropriate glossary and terminology and get understanding of technological process. Thanks to our long-lasting cooperation with industry specialists and engineers they are always ready to provide consultations and useful advice to our interpreters.In urgent cases we can send technical personnel to the customer’s site to commission the equipment. This testifies to the effectiveness and comprehensive approach to technical interpreting.


  • We have been impressed with your quality of translation, level of customer support and speed of delivery. We are satisfied and hope to work with you again whenever needed.

    Dan Kinsey
    Project Manager, CB&I

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