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Does Language Solutions plc. offers only translation services?

Language Solutions plc. was originally designed to offer global business only linguistic support and coordination but with years of practice and experience it evolved into a professional and specialized Service Provider that offers a number of additional business solutions. We are a fully integrated service providing company, aiming at becoming a reliable and trusted partner for our Clients. For this reason we are collaborating with specialists in engineering, quality control, web designing, editing, etc.

What are you standards of translation?

Language Solutions plc. collaborates only with well-trained and qualified language specialists who are competent in their area of expertise (Finance, Law, Technology, Engineering, Oil&Gas) and who translate only into their mother tongue.

What output you expect daily?

A professional and competent translator has the capacity to produce up to 3,000 words per day. Whenever should a Client ask for tight deadlines, we would suggest splitting the job between several translators. Specially assigned project manager shall ensure proper project coordination and communication between the parties involved in order to maintain consistency in style, tone, format and deadlines.

How shall you price translations?

We shall evaluate each translation assignment individually based on its source/target language, subject matter, complexity, volume, expected deadlines, format of the source document and expected format of the finished document. However, two main variables that affect the price are the length of the document(s) and language combination. The final price of a translation is calculated on the basis of the agreed unit of measurement of the translated text - page, line or number of words. Our project manager would always discuss these options with you before initiating the project to ensure you know how much you shall be paid and to eliminate the danger of any hidden costs added to the job. Upon completion of the job we would suggest you to issue us the invoice.

Do you expect a translator to be an expert in the subject matter of the translation?

Since we position ourselves as a professional Service Provider with expertise and background in certain subject matters, we expect our translators to be experts in the areas of their specialization. We highly appreciate when a linguist has education degree and professional qualifications in the area of his/her expertise. For highly specific translation assignments we encourage our translators to research a company’s profile, browse its products and market segments it operates on, to study the terminology and any in-house abbreviations or acronyms to ensure maximum accuracy. On top of this all translations are censored by industry related specialists to ensure better QC.

Can I expect any information prior to the meeting or translation to help me get a better understanding?

We encourage Clients, where applicable, to send us the sourcing data and information on the subject of the event or translation in advance to give the opportunity for our interpreters and translators to study the relevant subject matter. The more information about the company and the meeting/translation in question we can provide to our linguists prior to the event, the more research they can do with regards to the terminology, company, speakers to provide more accurate and Client-specific translation or interpreting.

For any other specific issues we would suggest you to contact us and our project managers shall be happy to assist you.


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