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Что такое аутсорсинг переводческих услуг?

Что же такое аутсорсинг переводческих услуг? Это последнее что нужно учитывать ...


Что же такое аутсорсинг переводческих услуг? Это последнее что нужно учитывать, особенно если Ваш персонал говорит на иностранном языке?

Unfortunately, we have to acknowledge that there is some misconception regarding the understanding of linguistic support and need to outsource these functions to industry specialists. A lot of business owners and managers believe that outsourcing linguistic and communication assignments is the last thing they should do when their own personnel speaks foreign language at quite decent level to render basic documentation. In this article we are going to make an attempt to reveal the main benefits for the international business in delegating and outsourcing specific functions which are non-typical for the business operation to specialists whilst focusing on the core business challenges.

We have analyzed a number of up-to-date online studies, conducted numerous interviews with businesses which helped us reveal major reasons supporting the idea of outsourcing specific functions to industry specialists and consultancies.

A - Professionalism and reputation

Top level projects, especially in engineering and construction, require from international business to look for quality linguistic and communication support in the foreign market. Delegating functions which are not typical for the core business of the company, it is looking, first of all, for a market leader in the industry which can ensure professional approach. Professionalism in translation business usually includes the following:

Native Speaking Proficiency And mastery

This implies that the Service Provider would be able to render services using native speaking and qualified language specialists who are competent in their area of expertise

Industry knowledge and exertise

 Competence and industry knowledge plays a crucial role when selecting a decent Service Provider. That is why it is so important for international business to rely on experienced and reputed industry specialists.


Each business expects linguistic support solutions which passed basic quality assurance procedures. This would imply that the original documents are rendered with the utmost accuracy and correctness, saving the intended meaning which author of the source document wanted to convey as well as other language features like language dialects and slangs.

urgent solutions

We noticed numerous cases when businesses had urgent communication demand. In this case they started desperately looking for a language specialist who would be ready to come to their rescue in carrying out urgent translation assignments. This is a vivid example when operation of the company was literary suspended because it was not capable of ensuring efficient communication channel and timely response with its own efforts.

Tight Deadlines & Fast turnaround

Fast turnaround and workflow is another great concern for efficient and unstoppable operation. Only professional and experienced language Service Providers in the industry can bring advantage of modern translation techniques to facilitate and speed up the translation process, providing faster turnaround time and lower costs while delivering an accurate professional translation service.

Ability to translate in original formats

Another value lies in the ability to translate directly in the original format; thus avoiding time losses and costs involved in restoring text to the original layout in different languages. Preserving original style, font, drawings and pictures and producing a mirror copy of the original document is another reason for turning to professional and reputed language Service Provider.

Cultural and Contextual Sensitivity

Professional Service Provider is able to render more than professional translation as there’s also the necessity to further localize the translation for the appropriate culture and market. It is important to pay special attention to the understanding of contextual and cultural identities and differences. Often in translation there are many implicit elements which can be only revealed through accurate and thoughtful rendering of context to preserve its readability, comprehension and simplicity of style. 

B - Quality of solutions

Another key aspect that supports the need to outsource specific functions to industry specialists is quality of communication solutions. Turning to professional language Service Provider you can be sure that it uses a quality management system (QMS) to assure commitment to industry standards and practices. For the business it implies that the documentation would go through basic standard controls: completeness and accuracy (i.e. all texts have been translated and the content has been transposed correctly); spelling, grammar and syntax (i.e. re-reading texts in hardcopy and/or applying software controls, e.g. spell check in MS-Word); consistency and uniformity (i.e. using consistent terminology throughout the various sections of text: titles, chapters, indexes, etc.) and terminology suitability (i.e. the terminology choices made are appropriate).

C - Competitive Solutions

It is important for each Client to get the greatest value for money. Competitive translation rates, flexible payment arrangements, price reductions for big volumes, bonuses and discounts, promotions are usually provided by market leaders in the industry to ensure long-term and trusted businesses relationships. These options certainly add to the expectations and satisfaction of the client.

D – customized and turnkey solutions

Industry leaders are able to ensure individual approach which is manifested in:

personalisation of client values

Each Client since he/she places an order is expecting attention to his project. Ideally, he would like to have a dedicated working group of a project manager, translator(s) and a proofreader dealing with this particular project trying to understand his specific demands, meeting tight deadlines, ensuring smooth workflow, proper quality, conformity of format and style of message rendering. Literary this means that the Client expects the Service Provider to handle the whole process, leaving him free to concentrate on his core business challenges.

Single source for all translation needs

Each client would prefer to have a single source of contact and not to turn to various translation companies and business consultancies. For a Service Provider to become a sole and trusted supplier of all translation and communication needs for a Client would imply continuous optimization and expansion of the range and quality of solutions, introduction of new languages and technologies.

Quick response and online update of project

In our fast-changing reality it becomes extremely important for a business to get instant reaction and update on the project to efficiently implement modifications and revisions to the project and thus reduce time losses, delays, additional costs and unwanted work.

E - Confidentiality of Client’s data and proprietary technology

Another fast-growing issue of concern for international business is confidentiality of Client’s data and proprietary technologies as in the modern world confidentiality means a lot for the security of technologies and know-how. In this case only experienced and reputable language consultancies can guarantee non-disclosure of confidential information and high ethical standards.

To sum it all up it is important to note that all points raised in this article clearly add to the idea of outsourcing and delegating some specific functions to relevant industry specialists and consultants to be able to focus on the core business challenges and not experience unexpected delays, loss of profit or even termination resulted from incompetent and inefficient solutions, delayed response and reaction.

PS. Also it should be kept in mind that low translation costs and promises of lowest rates do not automatically imply high quality service and proper knowledge and experience since professional and qualified Service Providers know the market value and shall not underestimate the value of their services. Going for such offers serious Clients put at risk their reputation and have all chances for re-translating their documents, missing deadlines and spending additional funds.



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